Grapefruit Gagfest with Asia Vargas

1 year ago
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Horny housewife Asia Vargas is dressed in sultry lingerie, but her husband Max Dior is too busy with work to give her the attention she deserves. He hands her his cellphone and tells her to order food, and she goes to their bedroom to pleasure herself. With a bright idea, Asia calls for food, and Don Diego arrives with a delivery of prepared grapefruit. Pulling Don into her room, Asia strips off his shorts, plants the grapefruit on his boner, and starts sucking his cock! Drinking the grapefruit juice as it drips down her big tits, Asia turns around and pulls Don's face into her ass so he can eat her pussy. After some juicy doggystyle and missionary, Asia swallows Don's hot load. - ''Grapefruit Gagfest'' #fakehuboriginals #fakehub

Pornstars: Don Diego Max Dior
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