Fuck Kimora Quin On Company Time

2 weeks ago
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Kimora Quinn is the newest hire at the office, and she is a bombshell. Looks, skills... But it all comes with a little bit of an attitude. A real handful that is quick to get bored if she’s not challenged... Catching the eye of everyone around in her perfect work attire, Kimora is just over it. But there must be something she can find to do around here that isn’t the usual filing, reporting, and data entry, right? Maybe her supervisor has some workplace drama to dish? Or the attractive Ricky Johnson can be corrupted into spending a little one on one time underneath everyone’s noses... If there’s a way, Kimora has the will and work ethic! - ''Fuck Me On Company Time'' #brazzersexxtra #brazzers

Pornstars: Ricky Johnson
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