Brazzers - But Can He Handle It? with Kylie Green, Lottie Magne

10 months ago
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It's Friday night, and the ever-horny Lottie Magne and Kylie Green are in a flirty mood. They head over to their local bar to flirt and tease the bartender Raul Costa. It doesn't take too long before the two girls are giving a sneaky blow-job to the lucky Raul, unbeknownst to the other customers. When a barfly catches the depraved women doing their dirty business, he's shocked. It might mean bad news for Raoul, but at least, now that all the patrons left in protest, he can finally bang Kylie and Lotti to his heart's content. - ''But Can He Handle It?'' #brazzersexxtra #brazzers

Pornstars: Raul Costa
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