Brazzers - Lulu Chu Baiting Him

11 months ago
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Lulu Chu is a petite bookworm babe who takes her notebook everywhere she goes. While studying on a park bench, she runs into Xander Corvus. Lulu likes what she sees and immediately flashes a peek of her panties. Xander’s busy on the phone but doesn’t miss that sweet muff shot. He turns around for a second and poof, she’s disappeared, like magic. Xander finds Lulu’s notebook and follows the address inside to find Lulu. When he reaches her apartment, he realizes that Lulu has a wife, but that’s not a problem, it’s a party and Lulu’s wife loves to watch her take giant cock. - ''Baiting Him'' #brazzers

Pornstars: Xander Corvus Lulu Chu
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