Brazzers - Cheating With My BFF's Fiance Aubree Valentine

3 months ago
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Aubree Valentine is house sitting for her BFF and her BFF’s hot fiancé during the holidays and decides to unwind with a shower before heading to bed. Unfortunately, Aubree is horny as hell and needs more than a warm shower to satisfy her. Thankfully, her BFF’s butt plug is nearby and Aubree enjoys touching her pussy while filling her ass… when suddenly her BFF’s fiancé—Alex Mack—shows up! With her ass in the air and pussy exposed, Alex can’t stop himself from cheating on his soon-to-be-wife with Aubree. He eats her out and toys her ass, before fucking her tight pussy and cumming on her! (And they said the perfect Christmas gift didn’t exist.) - ''Cheating With My BFF's Fiance'' #brazzers

Pornstars: Aubree Valentine
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