Ballerinas Gianna Dior And Molly Stewart Seduced Coach

2 years ago
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World dancer Trey Donovan (Marcus London) has built a strong reputation for his dance academy and he’ll let nothing tarnish his legacy. When his lead dancer and secret lover, Olivia (Katana Kombat) threatens to make their relationship public, she is suddenly fired and dismissed. Auditions are held to find a change and two rival dancers vie for the position - Hannah, the sweet new girl with natural talent, and Sadie , the bitchy veteran dancer who will do whatever it takes to get the job. They are both pushed to their limits by the academy’s demanding director, Mr. Jacobs , and the cold lead dance instructor, Ms. Petrova. Both dancers are capable, but the question is, who wants it more? - "The Audition: Scene 2" #blockbuster #digitalplayground

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