Aria Lee And Krissy Lynn Fucks A Beautiful Guy

2 years ago
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When Krissy Lynn catches her stepdaughter, Aria Lee, stripping by her window for peeping neighbor Luca Frost, she watches from the doorway, enjoying the show herself. Aria signals for Lucas to come join her inside, but after he sneaks into the house Krissy halt him in the stairway, suggesting she ‘warm him up’ with a quick blowjob before coming Aria’s room. Once Lucas is revved up and ready to fuck he makes his way to Aria’s room, but Krissy’s still looking to have some fun, surprising them both in the bedroom and suggesting she can teach them a couple of things… and give them an extra pussy and mouth to play with! - "Peep Show And Tell" #momsincontrol #brazzers

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